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The best dentist is the dentist who goes the extra mile. A dentist who goes the extra mile, offering patients the best of the best dental care in Laguna Hills.

The best dental care comes from Saddleback Dentistry, and best of all, with two doctors at this dental practice you and your family are getting twice the benefits.

Dental Care Education Never Stops

Dr. Dean Garcia and Dr. Ryan Conkle are two passionate dentists with a chairside manner like no other.

Firstly Dr. Garcia and Dr. Conkle are compassionate about dental care. Secondly, the two have been for more than three decades combined.

The team believes in treating every patient like family. With that come products and services. Moreover you will discover technology that you will not find from other dental practices in Laguna Hills.

The dental care team has incorporated digital radiographs, impression free scanners, CT scans and the latest in cosmetic dentistry products. This dental practice in Laguna Hills really has it all.

You can truly see the love of dentistry when you become a patient of Saddleback Dentistry.

A Healthy and Beautiful Smile

The health and wellbeing of your smile is the most important aspect when it comes to any type of restorative or cosmetic dentistry.

If you have been following the Saddleback Dentistry Blog you will know that the foundation of a healthy grin is teeth and gums. If decay and disease is present it must be dealt with.

Bites and Disease will Cause Dental Care Issues

If gingivitis is discovered, which is easily curable and controllable, your dentist in Laguna Hills will look after it before proceeding with any type of cosmetic procedure.

If the problem has progressed to periodontal disease, more time will be needed to get the issue under control.

In addition if you have a bite that hasn’t been cooperating or a TMJ that is no longer in alignment your Laguna Hills doctor will get to the bottom of the issue.

This assures a beautiful long life for your implants, porcelain veneers, crowns or any other restoration that you and Saddleback Dentistry decide on.

Dental Care and More

If you would like to take better care of your smile and the health and wellbeing of your family’s teeth and gums schedule an appointment.

Dr. Conkle and Dr. Garcia are ready to get you and your family back on the road to health with proactive dental care in Laguna Hills. Send a direct message for a consultation, your smile will adore you for it.

Call and make an appointment today.

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