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Comprehensive preventive care for lasting oral health

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Protect your smile with regular dental check-ups

Professional dental cleanings are not just about aesthetics; they’re a critical component of preventive dentistry. By scheduling regular Laguna Hills dental cleanings and exams, you:

  • Minimize your risk of periodontal disease
  • Ensure early detection of potential oral health issues
  • Enjoy a fresher, cleaner mouth
  • Keep your teeth looking their best
  • Support your overall health by maintaining good oral hygiene

Contact us at (949) 455-1400 or book an online appointment! Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the best care and advice to keep your smile healthy.

Am I a candidate for dental cleanings and exams?

Yes! Our Laguna Hills dental cleanings and exams are essential for everyone interested in maintaining optimal oral health. Whether you have perfect teeth, are dealing with dental issues, or have restorative work like fillings and implants, these preventive services are crucial for:

  • Preventing oral diseases.
  • Early detection of potential issues.
  • Maintaining overall health, reducing the risk of related health problems.
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Our Dental Cleaning Technology

At Saddleback Dentistry, we enhance your dental cleaning and exam experience with advanced technology and exclusive patient care packages for superior treatment and satisfaction. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes:

  • Ultrasonic Scalers: Utilize ultrasonic vibrations to comfortably and efficiently clear plaque and tartar below the gumline.
  • Hand Scalers: Enable precise cleaning, ensuring every tooth surface is meticulously cleared of plaque and tartar.
  • Biolase Laser: Offers gentle, advanced care for cleaning, gum contouring, and treating soft tissue issues, improving overall dental health.

Our innovative tools and techniques are tailored to provide a more comfortable, effective cleaning experience, ensuring the best possible care for our patients.

Your First Visit

Get ready for your appointment at Saddleback Dentistry! Your dental cleaning and exam in Laguna Hills include:

  • Detailed teeth and gum cleaning
  • Use of ultrasonic scalers and Biolase laser as needed
  • Digital x-rays and photographs for precision diagnostics
  • Oral cancer screening
  • A takeaway home care package with toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss

We’re excited to get to know you and provide a comfortable, informative first visit.

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Cleanings and exams FAQs

It’s recommended to get a dental cleaning and exam every six months. This frequency can help prevent dental issues by allowing for early detection and management of developing conditions.

To prepare for your dental cleaning and exam, continue your regular oral hygiene routine, including brushing and flossing. Also, list any questions or concerns you have about your oral health to discuss with your dentist.

If a problem is detected during your exam, your dentist will discuss the issue with you and recommend the best course of treatment. This might include fillings, root canals, or other dental procedures, depending on the problem.

If you have dental anxiety, let us know. We understand and can offer solutions to help make your visit more comfortable.

Absolutely! Starting dental cleanings and exams at an early age is crucial for establishing healthy oral hygiene habits, monitoring the development of teeth, and preventing dental issues.

Where comfort meets care

Your comfort is our top priority. Immerse yourself in our relaxing atmosphere. When you visit us, you’ll get to enjoy:

  • Beautiful fish tank
  • Refreshing sparkling water
  • Aromatic coffee
  • Cozy blankets
  • Neck pillows
  • TV with Netflix
  • Soothing background music

Dental anxiety? Don’t worry!

We offer sedation options for your comfort. Choose your relaxation level with Nitrous Oxide, Oral Sedation, or IV Sedation for a serene dentistry experience during procedures.

Easy payments for your smile

We make paying for your oral health easy with patient financing options. Our flexible plans let you spread the cost conveniently with monthly payments.

Have questions? Call us at (949) 455-1400, and we’ll gladly help you.

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Our Patients Love Us!

I’ve been going to Saddleback Dentistry for years and can’t say enough good things about their service. Dr. Garcia is the kindest and most approachable dentist I’ve ever met. – Amanda P.

I’ve been a patient of Saddleback Dentistry for over 20 years and have never experienced anything but exceptional care and service! – Erik P.