Dental Implants and All on 4s are Remarkable

If you have failing teeth consider dental implants or All on 4s. Dental implants and All on 4s are truly the best replacement and will look and act like natural teeth.

Saddleback Dentistry in Laguna Hills is your premiere implant practice offering single, multiple and All on 4s for everyone. What makes implants even better is that they can last for the rest of your life.

Dental Implants Laguna Hills

Your Laguna Hills implant dentist has the education to choose the best replacement for you and your missing teeth.

For example, if you have one missing tooth Saddleback Dentistry will recommend a single dental implant. Although a bridge or partial will do the job just fine, partials and implants do not fuse to the bone.

In other words with those types of tooth replacements you will still lose bone density. You see, all dental implants fuse to the bone. This process is called osseointegration.

Osseointegration starts happening the minute Saddleback Dentistry surgically implants the post or screw in or on the bone.

Healing can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. For those who have additional surgeries, such as bone grafting, more healing time will be needed before the artificial teeth can be placed on top of the posts.

All on 4’s Dental Implants

If you are missing most or all of your teeth, have failing teeth that need to be removed or wear dentures you are in luck.

In the past those with missing teeth and dentures may not have been good candidates for dental implants but not anymore.

Thanks to All on 4s nearly everyone can have permanent teeth that are just as strong as natural teeth.

What makes the process even better is that in some cases you can walk into the implant dental practice in Laguna Hills with missing teeth and walk out with a brand new healthy smile.

Replace Your Teeth in Laguna Hills

While most people are excellent candidates for both dental implants and All on 4s those with certain types of systemic disease and people who have chronic gum disease may be more suited to conventional types of replacements.

People who smoke and those who chew tobacco may not fare well with dental implant surgery either as smoking impedes healing. Moreover, chewing tobacco causes gum disease.

Kick the habit, or habits, before proceeding with dental implants and you will have a better chance of holding on to your replacements.

New Teeth Today

If you would like to learn more about dental implants or All on 4’s call and schedule an appointment. Saddleback Dentistry is ready to help you smile.

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