Preventive Dentistry for the Win

Proactive and preventive dentistry gives everyone a fighting chance. Even those who are prone to gum disease and tooth decay.

Saddleback Dentistry understands how important dental care is to every member of your family providing the best products and services to toddlers, seniors and everyone in between.

Continued Education for Preventive Dentistry

Dr. Dean Garcia and Dr. Ryan Conkle practice preventive dentistry and that means continued education.

These dentists in Laguna Hills pride themselves on learning everything there is to know about all types of dentistry.

Most doctors become dentists so that they can help people. Part of helping people is keeping up with the times. Keeping up with the times means continued dental education.

Continued education is one of the most important, if not the most important part of dentistry. Furthermore, if your dentist isn’t talking about new products and services in Laguna Hills it’s time to find another dentist who is.

Stay Healthy with Preventive Dentistry

Dr. Ryan Conkle and Dr. Dean Garcia are committed to helping patients stay healthy by practicing proactive and preventive dentistry.

Preventive dental care means regular dental checkups along with professional cleanings.

While Saddleback Dental recommends both a couple of times a year you may need additional appointments if you are prone to tooth decay and/or gum disease.

Depending on your circumstances your dentists in Laguna Hills will determine the best plan for you and your family going forward. That plan could include proactive dental treatments such as fluoride and/or dental sealants.

In addition Dr. Garcia and Dr. Conkle will make sure that everyone in your family knows how to brush and floss properly. After all, you are never too old to, “Brush Up,” on your oral hygiene habits.

Practice Preventive Dentistry Yourself

Another preventive dentistry measure that you can’t do without is professional dental cleanings. Deep cleanings prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Your dental hygienist in Laguna Hills gets deep into your teeth and gums and to places that you just can’t reach with your tooth brush and dental floss.

Finally eat a well-balanced diet to maintain optimum oral health. By eating plenty of foods that are rich in calcium vitamins and minerals you are coming out on top when it comes to oral health.

Dental Care in Laguna Hills

If your dentist isn’t keeping up with the times, could care less about new technology or preventive dentistry it’s time to become a patient of Saddleback Dentistry. These dentists truly care about oral health.

Book an online appointment for preventive dentistry with Dr. Garcia or Dr. Conkle today.




Custom Made Mouthguards Save Teeth

Saddleback Dentistry is the only name to consider if you are into sports. While it isn’t quite spring yet, most of you are probably itching to get back out on the playing field. Hopefully those of you that are have custom made mouthguards.

While most will be heading to a sports store to purchase new equipment for baseball or wakeboarding there will be others hankering to try out that new surfboard.

With that being said if you aren’t considering a new custom made mouthguard to go along with the equipment and uniform you could be putting you and your mouth in danger.

Custom Made Mouthguards for Protection

While you might think a dental practice in Laguna Hills is a strange thing to think about when you consider sports it really isn’t.

According to Dr. Dean Garcia and Dr. Ryan Conkle thousands of mouth injuries are prevented every year thanks to custom made mouthguards. With that being said not all mouth protectors are made equal.

Types of Mouth Protectors

There are three types of mouth guards available. Standard, Boil & Bite and custom made mouth protectors.

1. Standard~This type of mouth protector is found online or at your local sporting goods store. Made to fit every mouth it will provide some protection, but isn’t as good as other types of mouth guards. Because they are bulky and cumbersome they make it hard to talk and in some cases even breathe.

2. Boil & Bite~Dr. Ryan Conkle and Dr. Dean Garcia explain that boil and bite mouthguards are customized after you place them in hot water and bite down. Although you will get a better fit than a standard mouth guard B & Bs certainly aren’t the best and don’t always provide an awesome fit.

3. Custom Made Mouthguards~Made to fit you and only you, your Laguna Hills dentist make custom made mouth protectors that are so comfortable you will probably forget you have one on. Made to fit over the top over your teeth you can actually breathe when playing baseball or basketball.

Mouthguards for the Entire Family

April is National Facial Protection Month. During this time it’s important to make a checklist of what you need to protect your family against injuries.

Mouthguards, helmets and protective eyewear along with face shields help prevent facial and oral injuries. Be sure that you and your family are prepared whether you are an an amateur a professional or just someone who likes to enjoy the great outdoors.

Mouth Protectors are Vital

While you may not think a mouthguard is important when you are catching a wave it really is.

Your Laguna Hills emergency dentist has seen plenty of mouth injuries from surfing right along with tennis and even skateboarding. In addition, those injuries would have been prevented or lessened with a custom made mouthguard.

Keep your family safe and schedule an appointment for custom made mouthguards today. You never know how many trips to the ER you’ll prevent if you do.

Call or send a direct message and schedule an appointment with your Laguna Hills dentist today.